Queer Sex Ed Podcast


QSE episodes are no longer available on Podbean

October 8, 2018

Hey friends,

Unfortunately, I can no longer afford to maintain two podcast hosting services and because of that, Podbean will now only include 5 preview episodes of the show, as per their free account limitation. You can still access Queer Sex Ed for free on any major podcast app (other than Podbean, as they only allow shows paying for their premium service). QSE is also on Spotify and our website at www.queersexed.org.

I apologize for any difficulty this causes, and if you are upset about this choice, I understand your frustration. I am also very frustrated to make this choice. If you would like to let Podbean know about your frustration that they will not add shows who are hosted on other podcast services like all other major apps, you can email them about this choice. I'm so glad for everyone who has found the show through Podbean in the last year, and I hope you will continue listening with us on another platform.

Thank you,